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Deployable De-orbit System for Small Satellites

I designed a de-orbit system for small satellites to address the growing space debris problem in the Low Earth Orbit regime. It is a passive deployable dragsail, to be triggered at the end of a satellite's mission. A prototype (NABEO), developed in collaboration with HPS GmbH, was launched on RocketLab's It's Business Time first commercial rocket. The next iteration, LOKI, is currently undergoing qualification, and will be tested onboard ERNST, a 12U nanosatellite, expected to launch in 2021. (Read More)

Warpdrive: Python audio sync tool using Dynamic Time Warping

I developed a command line tool, warpdrive for syncing and aligning audio recorded from multiple sources. The tool leverages the Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) implementation found in the librosa library. I used this tool while recording a demo album with four upcycled smarphones. (Read More)

Particle Image Velocimetry Flame Brush Detection Tool

I developed a feature detection tool with Python OpenCV to analyze Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) data of a low-emission, fuel flexible gas burner. The tool was used to detect different features of the flame brush in order to characterize a scaled version of the Low-Swirl Burner, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. See the source code here. (Read More)

Low Emission Lean Combustor

I scaled and optimized the design of a low-emission, natural draft gas burner, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The burner (patent pending) can be used in small scale thermal power applications, such as residential appliances. See the report on design and development here. (Read More)

Low Cost Heliostats

I designed, built and tested lightweight, low-cost heliostats for LightManufacturing Systems, a solar start-up on the Central Coast of California. (Read More)

Pocket Guitar Amplifier (Little Gem)

I built a slightly modified version of the Little Gem pocket amp to bring with me when I moved from California to Germany. I wanted something portable to use with headphones while I settled into a new home. The case is an old Altoid's container, to keep my riffs minty fresh. (Read More)

U.S. Manufacturing Water Analysis with County-Level Resolution

I co-developed a methodology for estimating U.S. manufacturing water use at various spatial and sectoral resolutions. I wrote the code to perform the data analysis using pandas and used a combination of plotly and custom plotting tools to create interactive visualizations. The results were published in Environmental Science and Technology, an American Chemical Society publication. (Read More)